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Hello. As a hobbyist and non-coder, I struggle with Makinom sometime (but love the product!). One thing I can't find is a tutorial on making a UI using Makinom. Could anyone walk me through setting up a button that could, for example, start a tagged machine in the scene, or a global machine--using a mouse click? Also, is there a way to set up player controls that could toggle free mouse control (so the player's mouse could be free to move and click on UI elements) vs. a first person control mode where the mouse is a crosshair in the middle of the screen?
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    Check out this part of the animation machine how-to. You can also use other start types of the animation machine, e.g. the animation event ones, which allow you to pass on a value (e.g. a float) to the schematic as local variables.

    For allowing the mouse to move in first person mode, you'll have to unlock the cursor, there should be a node for that in the input nodes :)
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