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This happens during Active Time Battles, 2.16. ORK, 2017.1.2 Unity.

When my combatant gets full timebar together with enemy combatant, on manual mode (not AI controlled), the enemy goes first, as AI picks faster.

However, the Battle Menu pops for my combatant so I'm picking an ability.

Now, when the enemy combatant uses an ability that drains my combatants Timebar, while his Battle Menu already pops, he will not do any of his abilities and will be stuck in "OnTurn" phase, therefore he won't switch to 'AfterTurn' until the whole Battle is over.

All my combatants abilities are set tu 'End Turn' in Ability Settings.

It happens only in manual mode, as during AI controlled picks his abilities already before the Timebar drain happens.
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  • Try adding an End Turn node to end the target's turn in your ability's battle event.
    Another solution would be to end an End battle menu option to let the player end the turn.
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    Didn't work. I can click his ability from Battle Menu and it disappears, but it doesn't perform the Ability. The combatant is then automatically stuck.

    Edit: Ok, I've checked the amount of drained Timebar in the combatants Ability event. The numbers were weird (I've set different numbers before). So I've changed them to the original ones and now it seems to work fine. Wtf...

    I've had one issue before, where one ORK event changed values to some random sh*t...
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