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The display conditions of a UI element involves checking an entry from a list. The index of the entry comes from an object variable of the user (let's call it X for simplicity). There are multiple users(they have Add HUD Component) Unfortunately, the UI won't display. Here's what I've done to isolate the problem:

1. Remove the conditions and make the HUD print X. All the HUDs displayed printing their respective value of X. Thus, I assume that the objects are detected as users so there is no problem with that.

2. Print the values of the list in the console. The values were printed properly so there's no problem with the list.

3. Return the condition and make the user a selected data instead. Nothing changed. HUD still won't display.

4. Make the condition a Variable Condition Template. Nothing happened.
5.Change the origin of variable X into selected data (one of the objects that supposed to display the HUD). HUDs displayed.
Any thoughts? Cheers!

Edit: Tried to use game state conditions. Wasn't working well :( HUD A opens a series of other huds by changing the game state (each individual HUD will load a different scene). One of those HUDs loads an empty scene with a Game Object with Interaction Machine component. It goes back to the menu when that object is clicked. When it does, HUD A is initialized (which means the game state reverted to original). When I click HUD A, the next set of HUDs no longer shows up but the debug objects that pop up if HUD A is clicked shows up, which means that the schematic that changes the game state to call the next set of HUD is initialized. The users of the HUDs are selected objects. I'm so lost :( Can anyone confirm if this is a bug or if there is a stupid mistake I likely missed ?
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  • Can you give me more information on your setup?
    What kind of HUD is it and where are the display conditions used (HUD or element)? How's the display condition set up?

    Or could you send me a small Unity test project with your setup?
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  • @gamingislove apologies, it's been a while so my project has been heavily modified. If I come across the problem again I'll elaborate in details.
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