Gil, in your update policy changes, you said
However, getting updates through Patreon still requires you to have a valid license, even if the purchase has been over a year ago.
The problem is that I checked my email messages, and I bought your asset in 2012, directly via paypal when you sent me an invoice, so I don't think I have an ork asset store valid license. I am planning on buying it again in the asset store soon anyway, hopefully at the beginning of next year, but for now if I just want to upgrade one version manually through patreon, what should I do?
If there's nothing to be done, I don't really care, I'll just cough up the money again to buy a new version in the asset store :D

Edit: Oh yeah, almost forgot, have you gotten the time to go through my email yet? :)
I am planning on buying something personal for me, so I am about to shuffle money around, and just want to know how much more I'll have to save.
No rush if you haven't.
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  • It doesn't matter where you bought it, you just need to have bought it - i.e. only paying $25 once to get ORK isn't a valid license :)

    Yeah, sorry about the email, will get back to you shortly on that.
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