I'm comin a long way in search of THE game, to be played or built, and it seems that i found an intrestin path with your framework. You're surely doin a great job for the rpg comunity, and i wonder how i may benefit from it regardin my project.

I think and dream about a 2D open-world rpg/adventure, set in harsh, mature, dark fantasy, and based on exploration, mysteries and survival more than fights. I also believe in the power of words, musics and drawins to imerse the player in atmospheric gameplay, more than special effects. The game would be quite simple actually, alternin from map travel to 'adventure zones' (point and click visual novel) or random events dependin on the area and the character. A kind of improved graphical Mud.

I'm bein more and more confident that Unity is the tool for me, even if i have no experience whatsoever in code and programin (but for a few months on Godot), specially after findin your framework. I'm now practicin with the first tuto of it, havin spawned my 3D combatant, and i wonder then if Ork could be so useful for my 2D project. Would you have tips or suggestions concernin my project, and toward what kind of tutos i should set myself? :)
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  • omg... do I have advice for new game devs?
    I could write a book the size of the Silmarillion.

    1) Start small.
    The huge, detailed worlds that most people dream up would cost millions to make.
    Make the smallest, simplest game you can first.

    2) Don't spend a lot of money.
    If you spend money while you're learning you'll be broke by the time you're actually competent.
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    Sure, gotta start small, but i think that i gotta start in the direction of my project, toward a 2D adventure/rpg. It's gonna be a long walk, so i better not go astray and loose time in useless stuff for me. For instance, i'm invited to take the 1st lesson about paintin and decoratin my own 2D world, but on a platform game, and that's not what i wanna make. There should be first lessons closer to my project. And i'm not dreamin too big i think, just a simple graphical mud eh.
    That's why i'm askin for your knowledge, where to go? Where could i learn, slowly but surely, to build characters, maps, gui, backgrounds, texts tabs, musics, etc... And does Ork framework could help me on my kind of project?
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  • I'd highly recommend to first learn the basics of Unity with some of their tutorials before starting learning ORK (i.e. going through the game tutorials). Afterwards, try to get a small prototype project running, where you can try out your game mechanics, before you dive head first into a huge project :)

    ORK Framework itself doesn't care if you're making a 2D or 3D game, as it's mainly an RPG background system. What you're learning in the game tutorials is also useful for a 2D game, as most of it is about ORK's system and workflow and not about 2D or 3D gameplay.
    Also, check out this how-to on 2D games :)
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    Start here and go through all the topics
    Then go through everything here

    If you have any enthusiasm or energy left after that, you should be able to start. If you skip something and try to do it by intuition you'll get stuck at every turn. Don't rely too much on shortcuts and skipping hard work. It takes a lot of experience to use shortcuts effectively.

    Ork can be used with 2D games, but it will not generate any level design or Random Quests/Dialogues for you. But if you combine ORK with these:
    And find some level generator plugin or youtube videos, that should give you a decent base.

    I could not understand your last sentence. But if you plan to make story/art/code/music etc. all by yourself and learning it all from scratch. It's safe to say you are looking at 10~15 years before you'll get anything resembling a game out. Pick 2 or 3 disciplines at maximum and either find someone to do the rest, or buy pre-made assets.
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  • Thxs for your time and advices. i'm on my way to learn Unity's system. :) Decided to start courses of c# also, on this site: But maybe you'd recomend another?
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    Practice is the biggest tip I think anyone can give you. If you plan on making this game yourself make sure to educate yourself on all aspects of game design. With ORK you don't need to know how to code, but obviously if you can learn it's a huge advantage over someone like me lol.

    Your project doesn't sound overly ambitious but that's a trap that's viciously easy to fall into. Even a simple feature could wind up being way more work than you thought, so always be able to pull away and look at things objectively and be willing to compromise.
    You see alot of failed projects run by people with a "never give up" attitude, which sounds good in theory, but for the sake of finishing a project sometimes you gotta simplify things more than you might want.

    I hope to see your project on the showcase once you start!
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    I've found Udemy very helpful for C# and Unity courses. They usually have sales and you can pick up a good course for very little.
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