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Wish Everyone the best and GIL to keep going with what he is doing best! I wish for ORK to have a year as big as 2018 which brought a lot of updates and improvements!

My personal wish is some more love to Real Time battles (targeting for example)!
What would you guys like to see from ORK in 2019?
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  • Happy new year everyone - keep those wishes coming :)
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  • Gil knows what I wish for, and he's been a great genie so far!

    Real-time targeting would be a great addition to ORK as well; with options like Z-targeting or something more loose like in Kingdom Hearts.
  • yeah, this is what I think, like a raycast system to auto-change target based on what the center of the player (crosshair) is targeting. Many MMORPGs have this kind of targeting and makes combat more fun.
  • With that, you could make something akin to FF12 and Xenoblade Chronicles as well. Lots of opportunities would open up lol
  • Belated Happy New Year! :)
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  • Another vote for real-time targeting. would open up all sorts of cool possibilities.
  • Happy to see more people see the boost on real-time battles that this would give :D I'm using ORK for years and I know GIL, and he will not leave this first post of the year unnoticed :D so here is my suggestion of this type of targeting (I played a lot of games :D)

    a) Raycast like targeting that locks on target that the player has on the center of the screen(Camera).

    b) an optional timer that it takes to lock to a new target (you ll put how much time in seconds you want that the new target locked and previous target unlocks).

    c) A marker like it already exists on individual target.
  • I sense some updates coming to group/individual targets in the next update :D
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  • YES!!!!!!!!! :D :D
  • No way!!
  • Fantastic. I am trying to do a space based rpg and such a feature might be useful for outer space combat there.
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