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I'm kicking myself because it must be something small.

I'm using unity 2018.3 and ORK 2.17.1 and the new UI option, the demo tutorial project works fine. I can wonder around the town scene, press escape to open the overview menu, interact with things. All good. Well, I did have to add a trigger collider to the item collector otherwise I couldn't interact with it. Is this right? I would of thought the item collector would just work in the demo project, but without the trigger collider on it doesn't get detected by the player. Is this an old oversight from an earlier version?

In my own project I just can't get the overview menu to open or any of the huds or interaction to show. I've got both projects open and I'm pretty much going back and forth copying the tutorial setup over to mine so all the menus, gui boxes etc. are all identical. Then when I try to open the menu in game via key press nothing happens, the _ORK game object doesn't change (no children added). It's like the key strokes aren't being captured at all.

What are the possible causes for this?
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  • Ha alright figured it out. I had to take a nap to fix it :P

    I was reading this page earlier;


    And the part where GIL replied with;
    That's no problem for ORK - if you don't want to use the built-in main menu, you don't have to. You'll still have to let ORK know when to e.g. start a new game.

    Via script, you can use this to start a new game:

    true will load the new game scene, false will not do that.
    So I read that as passing true will cause ORK to load the scene specified under new game settings. I just wanted to load the scene myself so I was passing false and then using unity to load scene. Then in the following scene I couldn't get the menu to show, I was checking ORK.initialized was true but still wasn't showing.

    Guess I have to pass true to NewGame() and then everything works.

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