Hey everyone, good morning! I just bought Playmaker and love it. I added it to my 2D ORK propject and they seem to work very well together. I didn't try what I'm going to ask yet. A lot of overtime at work. But I was thinking about using Playmaker to make my 2D character controller. I'm switching from 4-way to 8-way movement. How do I let ORK know to use the controller attached to my player? I know that with a script you just let ORK know in custom controls. How do I tell ORK to use a Playmaker controller? It's not a script, obviously. Thanks!! :)
  • It should work like any other custom control, i.e. let ORK know which component to enable/disable with player controls.

    Since Playmaker (AFAIK) also uses a component on the game object, that's the one you need to let ORK know about - or write a wrapper component if there's more that needs to be done :)
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  • Thanks @gamingislove! I was hoping it was that simple. :)
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