Hi. I add First Person Character from Standard Assets to my game. And I have a problem. I add it to Custom Controls, both camera and player. There is only one script placed on FPSController - FirstPersonController. Everything works - I Can walk, run and jump, I Can stop the game, see inventory etc. But... Lock Cursor don't work. I mean... There is a Lock Cursor option in FPSController, but with Lock Cursor enabled, when I stop the game or be in event, the cursor don't work. Yeah, it will show cursor in ESC menu, but when I'm trying to click on button, the cursor is hiding again. In events the cursor is just don't show.

What Can I do with it?
  • You'll probably need to modify the script a bit, e.g. handling cursor locking and unlocking in the component's OnEnable and OnDisable functions.
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