How would people suggest transferring ORK settings from one Unity Project to another? I just recently started a new project and would like to incorperate the battle system from a previous project. Is there any way better than writing down all the settings and then going through the checklist?
  • ORK's data is in a file "Assets/OrkFramework/ORKProject.asset"
    you should be able to copy this file over to a new project and then in Orkframework editor window in Editor/About tab there is a Load Other Project button.

  • Another way, in case you also want to transfer some assets (and their selections in ORK), right-click on the ORKProject.asset file in the project view and select Export Package - this'll export everything as a unitypackage that can be imported in your new project.

    You can select/deselect what should be exported, so you could e.g. only export stuff like audio clips and images and not drag the combatant prefabs along :)
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  • This was extremely helpful! Thank you!
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