I have a request to be able to use the Interact button while the Battle Menu is open, showing Skills, etc.

That's because I have a shop in the middle of a Battle Area and while the player is using the Interact button a monster can sneak up on him and then he has to click out of the Interact button and click open the Battle Menu and hit the Attack or Skill button and he dies.

I can't keep them both useable at the same time. Is there anyway to do that? That is, the Battle Menu is open and you can Attack and you can also interact with the Interact HUD and switch from one to the other so you don't die when attacked while you're interacting. : )

I know I can move the shop out of the Battle Area but wondering if there's another way.

  • I'm not sure entirely sure, but when you enable the control type MENU in the HUD, it should be displayed in the battle menu as well ...
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