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Good morning! I've been playing through the first couple levels of my game and making some adjustments to my spells. Is there a way to destroy the casted prefab when it hits the enemy's collider? I have it being destroyed after time right now. Kinda been faking it to make it look timed correctly. Thanks!
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  • I think you can add an event interaction on the actual prefab that destroys itself on collision.
  • @Wrofir Going to try that today. Thanks!!
  • I ticked the "Destroy on Collision" box, but no go. Hmm.
  • There is no destroy on collision in event interactions.

    If you're using damage dealers on your spell prefabs, you can use the destroy settings there, otherwise you need to set up an event interaction that starts on Collision Enter and uses an event that destroys the event object (actor).
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  • Thanks @gamingislove! The collision enter event is excellent.
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