Is there a way I can use a spawned prefab as the speaker, rather than an event actor?
  • Have you tried adding event to the prefab? If it doesn't work you can attach event to the empty object in the scenery and pretend it's prefab that is speaking.
  • This makes sense, will try it.
  • Beside what @JRM said, you can also set up an actor to use Found Objects, Global Objects and Selected Data - so if you store your spawned prefab in one of those, you can use it as an actor and thus use it as a speaker in a dialogue :)

    Generally, dialogues are limited to use actors mainly for the dialogue related information you can set up in actors, e.g. name and portraits.
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  • That works actually. Often time I will spawn a prefab and add a combatant to them for all of that info, in a cut scene. So an actor is the easiest to work with.
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