I may just be doing something wrong here, but I have the normal player HUD you lay out in your (excellent) tutorial, and I am trying to add status effects, to show if the player is poisoned or boosted etc. I go to the Player HUD, click "Add Status Element" to create "status element 4", and I choose "Type: Status Effect". But the effects never show up. I made my player permanently "poisoned" to test it, and the poison is applied because they loose HP every turn in a battle, but no area showing the status effect ever shows up in the HUD. I would like it to say "poisoned" which I assume the purpose of the "Status Effect" option, but nothing ever shows up. If I make my 4th element "information" and type in "Hello world", that shows up, but no status effects.

Your framework is amazing, and so are the tutorials, and so far I have been able to figure most things out on my own, but not this one. Your "HUD" page of your tutorial implies that a "more detailed HUD tutorial" would come later. Maybe I need that? Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
  • Well, what's the rest of the Status Effect HUD element's setup like?
    E.g. did you add a content label to actually display something for the effects?
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  • Well, that was it. I didn't add a "content label". Didn't even know what that was. But I've added it now and tinkered a little bit and my statuses show up just fine now. Thanks.
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