Before I go digging into making my own GUI for this, does ORK provide it somewhere?

IE. Spending/consuming status value "skillpoint" to go into "ranged" status value
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    Yes, there are 2 systems built-in for this:

    1) The Status Upgrades are set up in the status developments (Status > Status Developments) and can be used via the Status Value Upgrade menu part in menu screens. Similar to ability trees, this'll show you a list of upgrades that you can 'purchase' with the choice buttons.
    You can define costs, requirements and other settings for the individual status upgrades.

    2) The Status Value Distribution menu part for menu screens is a more classic way, where you define what's used as distribution points and how much each point changes the status value. The distribution is handled via value inputs, e.g. +/- buttons.

    You can also come up with your custom systems, though. Either via the event system or scripts :)
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  • Awesome thanks! Glad I asked :)
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