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Hello, I have a couple of questions about ORK 1.2.7 events
1) How to destroy a game object (actor or prefab) during an event? I tried "DESTROY PREFAB", but without success ("SPAWN PREFAB" works ok)
2) How to start a turn-based battle immediately during an event? E.g. after some dialogs?
  • 2) use a battle component attached to event, add the event object as actor and use function steps srart battle using the event object as actor to get parameters for battle. I get a strange known error sometimes doing like that, but it works. In my demo i posted as showcase, if you follow apple tree quest, at a point i make the player start the battle through event. :)
  • 1) You can only destroy prefabs you've spawned in the event.
    2) Not possible out of the box.
    Both are no problem in ORK Framework (aka ORK 2), you can contact me (including your order/invoice number) for a free upgrade from ORK 1.

    He's talking about ORK 1, that's not available there :)
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  • Aww i'm sorry... I only noticed support question...
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