I don't know where to put this here---it's made with ORK1 : ) Very happy!
Awaiting upload in iTunes Connect. Just have to do more screenshots and some other housekeeping things and take out iAd in the Unity code. ^^

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  • Congratulations :)
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  • Gz Catacomber
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    I had to look Gz up in the Urban Dictionary---

    Gestrichener Zellstoffkarton or Congrats as we say in the street in NYC. : )

    Thanks! : ) Still have to get it approved by Apple--Unity has that iAd code in there that could be iffy as I'm not using ads and they don't like the iAd code being in if you're not using ads but the Unity forum has a walkaround fix to the iAd script that I'm using. Hope it works. : ) Otherwise I guess I'll have to add ads. : )

    ORK is working flawlessly.

    @gamingislove--thanks. : )

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    Got archived app validated after some hair-raising Xcode experiences, having nothing to do with ORK but posting my experiences here in case it helps anybody else.

    If you're making an app for iOS 7 and forward you can't include arm 7s right now and you have to remove arm 64. You have to choose Set Build Architecture to Yes.

    You have to use Mantas Puida's fix for the iAd code from the Unity forum. Because you swear that you're not using an Ad Identifier when you get your app ready for upload in iTunes Connect but the default Unity code includes that identifier. So you have to substitute his code in DeviceSettings.mm in Xcode. Unless you are using ads in which case you might have fewer gray hairs than I do. But then you might have other problems. : )

    You have to use autorotation set up in Unity and make sure you put all 4 possible orientations in the info plist and of course you need splash screens for all the orientations.

    Archive is Validated now. I just have to press the button to upload it to iTunes Connect. : ) So far so good.

    Just taking a quick run-through and will upload the app to iTunes Connect. : )
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  • Awesome game so far, Catacomber!
    One question I'm curious about.
    You have to use autorotation set up in Unity and make sure you put all 4 possible orientations in the info plist and of course you need splash screens for all the orientations.
    Does this mean I have to enable all 4 orientations for my game? My game is only built with the landscape mode in mind, and adding the portrait mode will mess it up.
  • Hey congratulations Catacomber!

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    You have to enable autorotation and if you're building for iPhone you have to have the portrait orientation because that's what it loads first. My game is meant for iPhone and iPad and loads in portrait first but auto rotates nicely in the other orientations and the screen resizes in all the orientations so if looks fine. At least it's my understanding from reading reasons for rejection that you need the portrait orientation if you're making an iPhone game. Because iPhone launches in portrait mode. My game is meant to be played in landscape mode but you can easily rotate it after it launches. Everything resizes thanks to Ork. And I guess Unity.


    Thanks very much!

    Game is submitted and Waiting for Review : ). Am going to try to make a video this week.
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  • Ah, thanks for the explanations! I appreciate it. Your posts will help me immensely, as this will be the first time I will publish it to the Appstore. Give us a link when your game is on it, so we can go help support you too.
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    Will do. : ) Thanks. I think I'll get some promo codes from Apple so will save one for here. : )
    Still have to get through the review process. : )

    Advice for submitting to the App Store--no matter what happens, don't panic, just google any problem. I had to deal with the checksum XCode 5 ?bug?--found a helpful post at StackOverflow that cleared it up. Had to deal with the your app contains api for Push Notifications email---Unity includes this automatically even if you don't use push notifications. If you don't you are ok but you get that email no matter what since Unity includes that api. : )

    So it's been stressful but very satisfying. : )

    If approved, catly paws crossed, it will be 2.99. No advertisements, no in app purchases, just a role-playing game with many quests, prizes and monsters. If you can afford the Teleport scroll, you can move around the various dungeons very easily. : )

    Right now I'm level 7 and happily blowing up most of the monsters with the Blow Bomb skill. : ) Very satisfying to vent my stress. : )

    The Quest list is up at my website in the WizzardIsland thread.
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    The YouTube video of the PC version. ios version has been submitted to Apple, waiting for approval.

    We hope you will love it. I died here but that's because I didn't visit certain places that would have beefed me up and I wasn't paying attention. : )

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  • Judging from the video, it is FANTASTIC. How long did it took you?
  • The game is made with the help of an English writer-Elizabeth Arnold-who helped me with the quests. But there was only one person creating the terrains and dungeons and 3d graphics and the ORK input -- me -- with help from gamingislove when I got into trouble--so it took me almost a year. : ) Maybe it was six months--not really sure anymore.

    A long time.

    But making the sequel should be fairly quick as the ORK Framework stuff I need to know builds on my ORK knowledge and of course now I have a good idea of how to put all the dungeons in graphically and the terrains and do the stuff that saves fps on ios and how to get it uploaded to apple iTunes.

    I'm happy because one of my long-time betatesters--Old Shaman who has a house and a store in the game-- likes it very much. : ) He plays the PC version and his testing was invaluable to me. He's a retired programmer.
  • Hoping the sequel in the ORK Framework will be even better. : )
  • Congrats Catacomber!
  • Thanks! App has been approved for sale by Apple and should be in the App Store in the next few days. : )
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