If I were to add GameCenter as an option in ios in some future game--I guess this is a question for ORK2 also, how would I feed GameCenter the variables from ORK for say, number of monsters killed, reputation points or other things? : )

I will look into Game Center at a later date but wondering if anyone has ever asked this?

Same for in app purchases. The thought is a bit hairy and scary. How to add so it gets into ORK.

There's a third party plugin I'd use from the Unity asset store. Haven't gotten it yet as my players don't like in app purchases but I realize it might be useful down the road.

Maybe I should ask this again when I have the plugin and see how it works?

Just wondering if anyone has ever asked. : )
  • Usually it's best to implement those things using the event system (both ORK 1 and 2). Since the event system allows calling a function in a component, you can use this to either call whatever function triggers what you want to do directly (if the plugin uses components), or you need to script your own small component that calls the functions and call that in the event :)
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    Thanks. Will be back when I get to that stage. : ) It will be interesting to experiment with. The trend today for new apps in the Apple App Store it seems is for free apps with in app purchases. The statistics are in favor of those.

    My players don't like in app purchases. They like a pure role-playing experience. I only once bought some exotic frog for my frog habitat so I'd say I'm not very warm about in app purchases. But they seem to be the trend right now in the app store. So will have to figure out a way to make them absolutely delightful and doable. : )

    Down the road. : )
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