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how to implement a event where when you talk to a certain NPC you will trigger a event.

e.g in a village,a NPC is blocking the entrance but when you talk to NPC it will walk away something like that.
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    I understand that to have walking NPC's --you have to do this--

    You can do this by using a Move AI - and that requires a combatant :)
    Create a move AI with Enable Random Patrol, create a dummy combatant that uses the move AI and use an Add Combatant component to add the combatant to your NPC (don't forget to set it to a faction that isn't an enemy of the player).

    Game events have the Block Move AI (blocks move AI in general) and Block Actor Move AI (blocks move AI of the event's actors) settings in the Event Settings to block move AIs during the event.

    So that might be a start. You could trigger their walk animation in a dialogue and have a path for them to follow away from where they were and then an idle animation at the end.

    Or just have them disappear. : )

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  • I edited my post as I found an old response from gil to a question I had on having moving npc's. Don't know if that will help you but maybe it's a start.
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    Doesn't need a move AI - simply use the event object as an actor in the event and move it somewhere else using a Change Position step.
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  • OK! thanks for the help =)
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