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  • Thanks so much for the help, and saying that you may add in options within the equipment content layout and the equipment parts box. These additions would really be great. I will go play with the source and try to get that window to stay open. If y…
  • Thanks A lot!!!! I feel silly for overlooking those features that are easy fixes like the inactive color options and the Show unfocused option. I still cant get some things to work as I would like though. Using the numbers from above i hope you are…
  • Oh, It was working.. I have reattached it... its displaying huge on here for some reason and clipping off some of the image. You may have to drag it to your desktop to view it. If this is an issue I can try and re-post it at a smaller size.
  • Thanks for helping me out on this issue. I am still having trouble with it though and may need to change the source(I have the full Version and I am loving it). I have however attached an image to outline the issues I have talked about above and a f…
  • is there a way to script this to keep it open? If so what would be a good way to go about that.
  • My use case is an equipment selection menu. I just want to keep the combatant menu open for visual reasons. Overview/Combatant/Equipment/(equip & unequip options)