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  • Hmm after spending significant time on this, I am unable to figure out where the extra transition is coming from. Now, the auto animations I have disabled from an event node, then in a later event node i re-enable them. It is between these 2 discr…
  • Ok thanks, I didnt think so but let me check some more to see if i am causing this.
  • So I got most of this working using animation override controllers instead of the more complicated single controller with character types. One last issue I hm having (for now :P)... Even when I have auto animations disabled, when the character is …
  • Thats what that script does. Either on state exit, or after the animation end time it auto sets the animation state to the correct values. Get Hit => paramName='Action', paramValue=1 Get HIt 0 => paramName='Action', paramValue=8
  • So I only have 1 character type now, and I'm using override controllers for the different prefabs that use it. Here is a look at my setup for 'Damage' animation in both normal and defensive states: 'Get HIt' and 'Get Hit 0' each have a behaviour…
  • I've quintuple checked that the params are the correct in my animations setup... Dang ok.. The way I have it setup lets me reuse all the generic animations and then just have overrides for combat. I know i can use an override controller for this but…
  • This one is the 'Damage' animation for one of my characters its also happening on 'Evade', 'Block', 'Defend', 'Attack', etc Is it a limitation on the size of a controller? I have one sub state machine defined for generic movements using params (0, …
  • I dont understand how this could happen: The animator state correctly shows params (2, 1) but it is playing the animation for params (1, 1) Edit: I copied the controller and assigned the new copy to one of the characters and it still had the sam…
  • So stopping auto animations seems to have helped quite a bit. I have a dumb question. Currently i use the same animator controller for all of my characters. Does unity create a new state machine instance for each model that uses the controller? Or …
  • It is the same github as before. The characters aren't moving though I will totally try this.
  • I am sure I'm just missing something and don;t understand how its supposed to work.
  • I added the wait before the animation step, now nothing happens at all. Its mecanim animations, and i have tested the animations manually by calling them directly. I just cant figure out how defend animations are supposed to work.
  • have been fighting with this on and off for over a month now and I still cant get defend events to work properly. I have condensed the animation event down to this: It prints the message to console, it begins executing the combatant animation, a…
  • Going to continue debugging, see what I can find out
  • Ok, I'm not entirely sure how I could extract this. I could give you github access to the whole project? Its a bit of a mess though.
  • 1. I had a log to console node, then a play combatant animation node, animation never fired Switched it to Log to console node -> log to console node - second one didnt seem to be firing. I tried setting the defend animation at both the bat…
  • Could it be blocking input or something while it displays the cursor maybe? Here are my key settings and input settings for this one:
  • 1) yea it was just weird because i spawn a whole different scene for my battle, so then just the battle node had the scale and I didnt understand what what was going on. 2) I will try this.
  • Update, user error, totally had 'Look at Enemies' selected on the battle event itself.
  • I couldnt solve this without adding in some code to make sure they start off positioned at the new spots. Not a huge deal. The last issue I mam having is that the players and enemies are all turning to look towards each other, even though i have de…

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