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  • paulgswanson
    Hello, I see you have also used UFPS for the footstep manager...
    Sadly I did this many ages ago and cannot remember how to use it now.
    I ran a test scene, and failed miserably trying to set it up.
    I thought I was able to just drag it onto the player since this is what I see on the UFPS site:

    Adding the Footstep Manager
    1. Find the Player in the hierarchy (has the vp_FPController component on it).
    2. In the project view search box, type vp_footstep.
    3. Drag the vp_FootstepManager onto the player gameobject

    I had assumed that it would need to just be the player so it would move with you...did't work D: Can you recall what the minimum components to make it work are?

    I also see that wtyson asked as well. Any chance of getting some help with this?
    January 2016
  • artainx
    Did you ever get the skill points system working on level up?
    April 2015
  • wtyson
    any chance of you can help me out with using ufps with ork ?
    November 2014
  • Welcome Aboard!
    November 2013

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