Anyone have any ideas for how you'd go about making a credits scene? I'm mostly just thinking long streams of auto-scrolling text, but with the option to skip it and go back to the main menu. Not sure where to start, whether I should do it as a GUI or an Event or what.
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    I think it'd be a fairly easy event.
    There is an Autoscroll text feature in the dialogue node in game events, set that to a new "Credits" GUI Box. You could then just have an auto-run event on an empty game object that's waiting for a "skip" input.
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  • I cannot find this Autoscroll text feature in a show dialogue node. Are you referring to a different type of node? do you mean a Flying Text node?

    Also, @gamingislove in regards to including ORK in the credits of the game, what all should I include or say?
  • There is no auto scroll feature in dialogues :)
    The Console HUD has an auto scroll down feature, but that doesn't scroll down over time, but makes sure to be at the bottom of the console when adding new texts :)

    I think the best option for credits rolling over the screen would be to use text game objects in your scene (e.g. from TextMesh Pro) and move them how you need them (e.g. using the event system).

    As for including ORK in your credits - I don't really mind how (or if) you want to include it. Something like 'Using ORK Framework' or 'Created with ORK Framework', maybe with ORK's logo included ...
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