I'm trying to work out using Equipment Viewers for clothing and armor. I've got it to the point that the shirt will animate and will play the same animations as the base model when I manually trigger those animations. (I do seem to have the same bug as Wolfir's #2 problem in this thread http://forum.orkframework.com/discussion/5486/wrofir-combat-thread#latest, which is preventing the model from switching to combat animations in a fight.) However, the shirt doesn't ever leave the default idle animation when my character is running around outside of combat. I'm using auto-animate for the combatant and it seems logical to me that that might not apply to equipped clothing. Could that be the problem? If it's not the problem do you have any ideas about how to get it to play the combatants animations when the combatant does instead of staying in idle animation?
  • The auto animations only play on the combatant, not on any equipment. Same goes for the Combatant Animation node - if you want to play an animation on a certain child object, you'll have to manually do that with a Legacy Animation or Mecanim Animation node.

    That being said, animating equipment is best done by using Child Linking in the equipment viewer component. This is used to match child objects of the equipment to child objects of the combatant, so e.g. the arms or legs of an equipment follow the arms or legs of the combatant.
    So, instead of having to animate the equipment, only the combatant is animated and the equipment follows those changes.
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  • That sounds perfect... but... what exactly should I input for the child name, and link to? Is there a tutorial or example? I seem to be inputting the wrong things. This is one of those things that I'm sure, once it's said, I'm going to feel very stupid because it's going to be very obvious. =\
  • Link clothes to the bones.
  • Hmm. maybe I wasn't clear about what I'm unsure about. I've found the "Add Child Link" button on the equipment viewer componant and added a child link. It asks for Child Name (Equipment) and Link To (Root). I don't know what to type into those spaces. For example, say the prefab for the character was called "base_female" and the shirt was called, "gym_shirt". Do I input "gym_shirt/Armature/root" in child name and "base_female/Armature/root" in the link to? Do I do that for each individual bone? Do I use the equipment part instead? Is that not at all how you type in the things that need to be linked?
  • You might find this useful

    I would also advice looking into free UMA asset. As it bakes one mesh out of all your equipment and should save on your skinned mesh performance.
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