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Hiya, I am trying to freeze the rotation of my 2.5d character when moving (on XZ/3d). if u move now the you see the side of the 2d sprite. Is there a option for this in ork? Thanks alot
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  • Do you use nav mesh agent on your sprite? I think you could just put rotation speed in nav mesh agent at 0.
  • Hi JMR, I do not use a nav mesh agent. I use brownpants (from the tutorial) and put my custom player prefab inside the (brownpants) gameobject. The custom player prefab consists out of diffrent sprites and bones/2d IK. I tried putting the navmesh agent on brownpants and on the player prefab, then put the angular speed at 0 but that did not help.
  • Change how the player moves in ORK setting to navmesh agent. It's in the foremost left tab in ORK. You also need to bake navmesh on the terrain the player moves on.

    You can also change player prefab in combatant setting, you don't need to child it to the one used in example project.
  • I found the setting under player contols > player control type; mouse. Can this also be achieved using player control type; button?

    And thanks for the combatant prefab tip. I changed it!
  • No, the Button player controls will move the player into a direction by rotating it. Something you could do is have the sprite be a child object and always rotate it to the camera using a small script. That'd also allow you to make use of the Auto Rotation Parameters when using Mecanim animations, where you can pass the rotation as a 4- or 8-directional value.

    Otherwise, youll have to use a custom control.
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