Hello! I've just installed Unity 2017(4.37..) and finished Breakout with success. But when i tried Space Shooter, player and asteroids seems to be missing when i hit play button. I saw an error about a different version which i ignored, after removing the project and reopening again there's no error but i still can't seem to get it working.

I've checked this site to find out exactly what version i'm supposed to install but can't find it. Took a screenshot of it.


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    If you mean the yellow warning about the Platform WindowsStandaloneSupport, you can ignore that :)

    As for the missing stuff - did you set them up already as explained by the tutorials? In the screenshot you're working on the self-setup scene, so you'll have to set that stuff up before they're there.
    Try the finished project (in Assets/Finished folder) and see if they're spawned there.
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    I found out the correct version was 2017.1.0f3. But it wasn't the problem after all! It seems i forgot to add the player prefab to the scene(checked the finished game scene as you suggested), hence there was no player ship when i hit the play button :)
    Thanks for your help!
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