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Hello everyone, i've just started using Makinom and i'm super excited to see if this is the right visual scripting tool for me (after having tried nearly everyone, this seems to finally be the one)..
Anyways i'll start asking some questions already.
I hope this is a simple one: i'm creating my player movement script and i need to have an action that rotates the actor towards movement direction. Setting face direction in the move event doesnt give the option of adding smooth rotation.
Also i'll have two rotation events based on an aim input trigger (rotate towards mouse or move direction)
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    Here you go!
    This is from Gamingislove give me since the day I begin to use Makinom and asking for smooth rotation in Move node.

    And welcome to Makinom :). There are not many people using Makinom so I'm really happy to see new face :)
    Makinom will not let you down when you use it to create a complete game.
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    Thanks very much, just what i needed!

    Besides, i am really enjoying Makinom and Ork. I've tried plenty of other visual scripting systems and game frameworks (spent quite a lot of money too, lol) but no one sticked with me.
    Playmaker and Bolt where super interesting, but to make a full fledged game alone would still take too much time. Other systems where nice but limited to what the autors included in the system scope.

    In the end makinom met all my demands. It's simple and complex at the same time, and it deals with high level functions. Plus Ork framework has all the systems and logic already done for handling an rpg game (and my projet is one).
    I think i'm going to fully commit in using Ork and extending the gameplay systems with the custom event system.

    The only criticism i have right now is towards the user interface. I had to switch my tv monitor to 4k to read every panel in a clear way. (It would be best to have a second monitor only for Ork and Makinom panels). Also i haven't found the way of selecting and copying multiple events so i could paste them in another schematic.

    At last the general interface look feels a bit outdated... Anyways, nothing that couldn't be improved in due time.
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  • To selecting and copy multiple nodes at once, just hold Shift and left-click on every node you want to copy.
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