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So I need my characters to rotate their spine in order to aim their guns up or down based on the player's height compared to them. I did a quick test to no avail.

Just checking to see if anyone has done this, as they are already playing an animation that utilizes their armature I'm worried that I can't rotate any of the bones via event during the shoot animation.
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  • I've never done this, but I'd assume that, if both rotate/change the same transform/bone, rotation via event (or custom script) and animation would interfere with each other.

    I think the usual setup here is having the animation not change the spine, just what's parented to it in order to be able to change the rotation.
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  • Sounds like a job for Inverse Kinematics.

    That said. If you're using animations, the animations might revert back to its initial positions and rotations though. You can try Blend-weights and Crossfades to blend animations together. For example, anim_up for upper torso and anim_walk_forward for the lower torso.
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    I'm guessing every keyframe would override any motions from events... I'll have to do a few more tests. I could do a very simple unity animation of them just holding a rifle without any keyframes on the spine and see if the event will work on that
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