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about formula,

1. Value Origin "current" Str values ​​in the combined formula and Value Origin "current" Str values ​​in other formulas are different.
Is this intended?

In other words,
str combined status
base 0
current 4
combined formula result 10

In this case, the current str is 4 inside the combined formula, but the result of the same step in the other formula is 10.
As I think(if correct), the current value(status value step - current) should be 4 in other formulas, and 10 should be displayed only when formula is selected as the value type(value step - formula).

My game currently uses the combined formula of "str"
In other formulas as ValueType.

Is it the same if I use the current statusvalue instead of the formula?
In this case, the usage seems a little ambiguous..

2. According to the result of 1, is it not possible to use three values ​​of "base", "current" and "combined formula" per a status value, but only two base/combined values?

3. When calling the status[0].GetValue() method in the script, the result value of the combined formula is displayed. Can the uncombined value no longer be obtained from the script?
(Excluding the base value)

4.Um... weired (Continue testing with the test Formula button (isn't it the same as the real thing?)
If I use the current str in the str combined formula, it seems to be a recursive call. Should I use only baseValue? The current type seems to be used in other formula...
* After in-game testing, this seems to be a test Formula error.
in game-str value 10
editor test Formula value-16

combined formula setup currently
(add user current str step + add 3 value step + add 3 value step)
4 + 3 + 3 = 10 (ingame test) but test formula is resulting in 16

and another test formula setup
add str combined formula value step
ingame(formula call)-16 / test formula button-16

but str getvalue(script) is resulting in 10
Why is that?

5. Another question.
Can the event be executed at the point where the monster is killed??
(Except for the death event when the monster is killed, how to know when the player killed it)
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  • 1) The current value of a combined status value in it's own formula will be the uncombined value, i.e. base and bonuses before the combination happens (as if it'd be a regular status value). This way you can use the status value itself in the formula.
    In other formulas it'll have whatever value it has at the time, usually the combined value.

    2) Status values have 2 values - the base value and the current value. The base value is the value without any bonuses, i.e. the actual value the combatant's stat has. The current value is the base value + bonuses, and for combined values, the combined value.
    During the combined formula, the current value holds base+bonuses.

    3) No, GetValue gets you the current value - the combined value is calculated whenever a status recalculation happens (e.g. due to a non-consumable status value changing).

    4) Formula test in the editor and formula results in-game can be different due to different states of the combatant. The text in the editor will create a dummy combatant based on the test setup, but the in-game one might be different.

    5) That's what the death event is used for.
    You can get the combatant who killed the combatant (User actor in the death event) via selected data, using a Select Combatant node with the Killed By combatant origin.
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    When I clicked the formula test button in the editor in the combined formula, it seems to be calculated once more using the value that the combined calculation was applied in advance.

    I struggled with this problem all day. Thank you so much for the answer.

    1. "The current value of a combined status value in it's own formula will be the uncombined value"

    - As a result of testing, it seems that all the current Combined Status Values in the combined formula use the value including the bonus before the combination. (That is, in the Combined Formula, you cannot use other Status (Combined) results.
    As an answer, it seems that not only "that stat" is unbind in the stat's own formula, but all combined stats are used as values without formula calculation.

    After setting all of "str", "dex", and "int" as combined status
    In the "str" combined formula, i added add current status value step(str+dex+int)
    as a result of adding all of them,
    all values were used without combined formula calculation
    ( all values before combination. not only own formula as answer)

    that is, is the value of the combined (formula result) of other stats not usable in the combined formula?
    (It seems that the combined result cannot be used in the combined formula.)

    5. The actor "target" of the death event seems to be the combatant that killed the combatant but Do I have to set the actor to user in that "select combatant node"?

    another question
    1. The combined status feels difficult to understand, for me a little...
    What's the advantage over just declaring it as a normal stat? ( not combined )

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    Testing the combined value in the editor will already use the combatant's combined value - it's only using the uncombined value when calculating the newly combined value for the stat, because it's at that point (status recalculation) set to the base value + bonuses without the combined calculation.

    1) The crucial part to keep in mind is that status values are updated/recalculated in the order they're added in the editor. I.e. if you have multiple combined values, the lower index stat will be calculated first.

    E.g. if they're added in the editor in this order:
    - str
    - dex
    - int
    The combined formula for str will also have dex and int as uncombined values, because they where not calculated yet.

    The combined calculation happens at the end of the status recalculation in the order the stats are added in the editor.

    5) The Target of the death event contains all combatants that attacked the combatant, not only the one who killed it. If you only have a single combatant for the player that should usually also be the one who killed the combatant.

    New question:

    1) A regular Normal type status value is just a single value, that gets bonuses from equipment, effects, etc.
    A combined value uses a formula to do some other stuff, e.g. using other stats in the final value of a status value. It's simply a different use case :)
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