When loading player data with level 2 ability,
Do player have the variable set in Level 1?
the ability setting - Level 1 change variable-set-float-7
Level2 - no variable)

When I create an ability at level 1 and level up to level 3, I have the variable of level 1(in game),
but if i load the save data with the level 3 ability do I have a variable of level 1 ?
or Should I check the "use previous level" option?)

The mechanism is not well understood.

Does "when created at this level" mean when i save/load data or when an event creates an instance of that level?
  • If you use the Save Variables option, the variables of the ability will be saved with the save game and stay as they where when loading.

    When also enabling Use When Loading it'll use the defined variable changes as well, e.g. overriding saved variables with the defined values again.
    When loading level 3, that'd either only use the level 3 variable changes or, when having Use Previous Levels enabled, the level 1 and 2 changes as well (in level order).
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