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Hey Gil,

I got your footstepper asset, works great, though I am having an issue.

Specifically, Water. Using Procedural Worlds Gaia, the ground beneath the water plane is sand, and even with the Triggers on the water source, a mesh collider, a rigid body on my character, when his feet are beneath the surface plane of the water, it only makes sounds for the sand his feet run on, and doesn't get replaced by the water material I made that is set to override in the trigger area of the water. It works only if I step where the water surface plane meets the sand terrain below. As soon as feet are under water, the sounds revert to sand sounds.

Any idea how this might get fixed?


Update: So if I make a bunch of empty game objects named water steps and put a collider in them on trigger and add the trigger sound, it works, I was just curious if there was a way you know of to tag when you are inside a pool of water from the source instead of having to go around the areas on the coast with a load of those objects, thanks.

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  • The issue here is that the raycast starts too low and doesn't have a chance to actually hit the water.
    For this to work you have the raycast start somewhere higher, e.g. the center of your game object (and also increase the distance it uses). The Footstepper demo uses such a setup to play the water effects.
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  • Ahhh Ok sorry for that, I didn't check the demo that is on me. I saw the part about the red lines below the feet to see the raycast line, I will review that and make the changes, Thank you SO much for the pointing in the right direction.
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