I wanna Rename Weapon with Random Status Value Bonus in Item Init Event.

for example "Short Sword" has "ATK+2" and "DEX+5" random status value, I wanna Rename it "Short Sword of Dex".
(Highest Bonus makes Suffix)

there is 2 Questions.

1) In Init Event, Event Obect is already added Random Status Value Bonus? or After Init Event?
2)Rename Logic seem too complex,so I want to Rename in Script, How do I pass IShortCut to C# Function with "Call Function" Node?

  • 1) The init event is started after the weapon has been initialized completely, i.e. random bonuses, variables or durability are already set.

    2) You can't directly, but you can store the weapon into global selected data and access that in your function.
    Use a Select Selected Data node to store the local action into a global data key.
    You can get your equipment out of global selected data like this:
    EquipShortcut equip = SelectedDataHelper.GetFirstEquipment(ORK.Game.SelectedData.Get("key"));
    key obviously has to be replaced by whatever key you used to store it :)
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