I'm looking to confirm that there's a way to do something that works as a normal physical attack, but with 20% extra damage against enemies with one specific defense attribute. The way it looks like it's set up, it only triggers based on that attribute?

I have it set up as Target Change, Value Change where the HP Value is set as the physical attack formula, but with a 1.2 Efficiency, where the Requirement for the Value Change is the relevant defense attribute. Is this going to do no damage to something that doesn't meet the condition, and is there a better way to do this?
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    That's probably the best way to do it. To do normal damage to anything else, set up an additional value change with that requirement not being valid.

    So, just copy the value change, set efficiency back to 1 and change the requirement to being not of that defence attribute.

    An alternative setup would be adding a bonus to the user's defence attribute before damage calculation and removing it after. E.g. with a status effect that's applied and removed in the battle event.

    Another alternative would be handling this in the formula via Check Status node and a Value node to multiply the formula value.
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  • That seems to have worked, thank you!
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