I looked everywhere before I ask this:
I'm still thinking about the 2.14 billion integer limit for status values for an items volume. I imagined carrying a 2.14 billion liter item, and so in the inventory space field I entered that whole number and it returned the same number in scientific and saved. I thought that was good and well and wondered about how to get items smaller than a liter and so I entered .0000001 and it returned that in scientific and saved without an issue.

Question One: Is this not too good to be true?

Question Two: Is it using the float you spoke of with about 36 decimal places?

The Real Question: Can the inventory space be a decimal, and if so please confirm to what power?
  • Inventory space isn't the same as item quantity (or status values) - e.g. an item can take up 0.1, 1, 10 or whatever space you want. So, yes, it uses float - both the individual items as well as the inventory as a whole (i.e. total and occupied space).

    The main issue with float values is it's precission - the larger values you use, the less precission you'll have on the lower end.
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